Thursday, November 22, 2012

More chemotherapy

Since my last chemotherapy treatment I have only been out of the house three times as I have been feeling so unwell. I have been feeling very light headed with awful backache.

My breathing has been worst, I get very breathless if I move too quickly, talk loudly or get excited. Getting dressed and undress is a problem as I get so breathless I have to remember to do so slowly so i just cannot rush. Life is so different and difficult for me now, especially when I try to do every day chores.

Today I went for more chemo, which was given much slower than the last time so I did not feel faint and the burning that I had in my nostrils was not as severe. However I felt nauseous after having a sandwich and a cup of tea with severe abdominal cramping. The chemo infusion was stopped while I stood up to see if the pain would go away, which it did.

The nausea and cramping pain has continued after I returned home but thank God I did not actually vomit.

I know that no matter how I feel it is only temporary as one day I will be completely healed with new lungs able to breathe and run. My God is bigger than lupus and he is the Great Physician. Thank you Jesus for going to the cross for my healing.

Got up today and got dressed as I just wanted to feel well but after about an hour I had to put my night clothes back on. My whole body feels heavy with aching every where. I am finding it difficult to concentrate so I am just going to rest now.

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  1. Hi Maureen,
    I am so sad to hear this news. I'm praying for you. I have a book that I would like you to read. I bought it as a Kindle book and you don't have to have a Kindle but you can download this reader for free by going to this link:
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    Dr. O is from Africa and deals with a lot of spiritual warfare and he has, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, come up with some very effective prayers. I have found his books to be very helpful to me and thought that maybe you can benefit from this one too.

    Praying for you.