Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aches and pains

Another week of back, head and muscle pains. I haven't done much again apart from preparing and cooking meals (and even that has been a challenge).

Went to the toning suite on Monday but could not go again for the rest of the week because my body was aching so much (even worst when I am in bed), not sure if it is another virus or a flare up of the lupus.

I could go to the doctor but if I went every time I feel any sort of discomfort in the form of a new symptom I would be there every day. As with lupus no two days are the same.

Because I have high blood pressure (hypertension) I might need to go to the doctor this week. I have been feeling faint and light headed and it could be my blood pressure is very high or gone too low because of the medications I am taking to control the hypertension.

The vomiting is continuing and I now have an appointment to see the gastroenterologist (after ringing his secretary to ask for the date of my appointment) which will be in June the same day as the queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration. Just hoping the appointment doesn't get changed.

My neck is aching so much because I am bending it forward and down to write, must go to rest now.

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