Friday, September 21, 2012

Consultants visits

Went to the hospital on Monday to see the Gastroenterologist regarding the ma nometry and 24 hour pH test I had. The muscles in my oesophagus have been weakened because of the lupus and I have a moderate amount of acid reflux.

The consultant has decided that there is not much can be done I will have to cope with it (the constant vomiting).
If I was loosing weight or could not swallow I would have to have a feeding tube inserted into my stomach (called pep)
via my abdomen, which would be left in for me to be fed only liquid.

On Tuesday I went to see my Rheumatologist because I have been feeling awful again with aches and pains and fatigue, also breathlessness

My Rheumy has decided I should have another three Chemotherapy treatment as it did help to improve my breathing.

I have now been given the appointment for the infusion next week. I will have to go and have a blood test the day before.

My body is still aching and I am not having enough sleep so I am feeling very exhausted. I have to give thanks to God for sparing my life and carrying me each day, because with Him I would surely fall apart.


  1. Oh hon, I just ache for all of this pain you are going through. I am crying out to God for you. Be strong in Him and keep your eyes on Him as He leads you.

    Praying and praying,