Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oesophageal Manometry Test

Had Oesophageal Manometry test and it was very distressing but not painful. I also had a 24-Hour pH Monitoring done. I had to come home with a tube which was passed into my oesophagus via my nose.

It was very uncomfortable having to eat and sleep with the tube inserted into my oesophagus. I also had a monitoring box attached to the tube which I had to press if I was sitting, lying or walking. I also had to press each time I eat or drink.

I did managed to sleep even with the lump of the tube in my nose and throat. and the bulk of the box (I also had to lie flat in bed, as the acid in my stomach needed to be measured.

Because I was been monitored I did not throw up or had acid reflux (I tried eating some fruit to try and help the acid but nothing).

I really have to thank my Lord, Jesus for His love, faithfulness and mercy in sustaining me each day. Thank you Jesus you have never let me down.

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