Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blood blisters

I had to go to the doctor on Wednesday morning because I had another blood blister on my tongue on Tuesday, as were having lunch at the motorway services. My GP did not know the cause of the blood blister, she even consulted another doctor who did not know the cause also. My GP will now write to my Rheumatologist as I keep forgetting to tel him about the blisters each time I see him.

The blood blister I had this time was very painful and my tongue felt very swollen. Which prevented me from been able to eat or drink properly.

I have posed this question to other lupus sufferers to see if others have reoccurring blood blisters and the cause and treatment. I now know that quite a lot of lupus patients get this regularly but their doctors do not know the reason or even treatment.

Today is Saturday and the pain is just going away, the next time I have another blood blister I will record my state of health, was I tired etc.

Spring Harvest was very good but tiring for me and my body hasn't recovered yet. I have been getting up early for a few weeks now and I am feeling very fatigued, so now the Easter holidays are over I am praying I will be able to relax and stay asleep for longer and not just in bed reading or up late watching television.

Thank you Jesus that you have promised never to leave or forsake me. I am so grateful that you have not left me during this difficult time of my life. I have turned my back and even try to hide myself from you a few times but you have remained faithful.

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