Sunday, April 29, 2012

Strength to carry on

It has been a week of vomiting, aches and pains in my body especially before I get out of bed.

Went to visit my 95 year old friend on Tuesday only to find her confused about the disappearance of her back door keys (the keys where there in front of her). After looking in her fridge decided to clean it and then along with her daughter - in- law cleaned her kitchen, it was only when we had finished I remember how ill I felt as my back was hurting so much and I could hardly stand. I have to thank Jesus for blessing and giving me the strength so I could be a blessing to others.

I have been vomiting constantly every night. I would say only my breakfast have been staying down each day.
The vomiting has now affected my throat and my voice. I now sound as if I have a cold and I am been asked if I have a cold.

Yesterday (Saturday) I went out to lunch with my family and the vomiting started as soon as I returned home. My throat became very painful and sore, I was very difficult to swallow and even to have a cup of tea. I think it has now started to affect my thyroid gland (I have a small goitre and nodules in my thyroid gland).

Today (Sunday) my throat is not as sore as yesterday but I do feel as if I have a virus but this is the way I feel most days because of the lupus.

I know that the days when my body feels weak such as the vomiting and joint and muscle pains that there is someone carrying me (Jesus). Without Him I would probably give up. Thank you Jesus for sustaining me.

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