Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring harvest

My back was aching a lot last night and it kept me awake most of the night.
Had my breakfast at 05:00 and went back to bed at 06:00. It took awhile to fall asleep. I slept until about 10:00, when I got up to get ready to leave for our journey to Minehead, Somerset (UK) for Spring Harvest.
We had a good journey but my back is still aching.
Woke up at 02:30 Good Friday because I had vomited in my sleep.
Had breakfast and then watched the bible reading in the chalet before going to join in the discussion group in the zone.
After lunch I went to watch the Saltmine Theatre Company perform a series of funny biblical sketches.
Came back to the chalet because I am now feeling exhausted and unfortunately I am vomiting again.
I am now in bed trying to rest until dinner then we will go to the Big top (a hugh marque holding four thousand people) for the evening celebrations of worship and preaching.
Vomited a lot Good Friday and most of today (Saturday).
Preaching and worship was awesome again tonight.
Each day we have been going to the discussion zone which has given us food for thought but it has been very tiring for me.
Went for prayers on Sunday night and again today (I was told to come for more prayers today for healing) just waiting to see the manifestation of my healing.
Awesome preaching tonight. I have just been watching a puppet show with George (it was for all ages as most of the children are now in bed). George and I are going to watch a street dance crew at 22:00.
The dance crew were awesome.
Today, Tuesday is our final day we got up early to pack the car, leave our chalet and go for breakfast before going to the Big Top for the final celebration and communion.

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