Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I just want to thank God for sustaining and keeping me strong and sane each day, without His strength I know I would surely fall apart.

It is Tuesday and we have been having a lot of rain here in the UK and not much sun so I have been indoors and now I have a rash on my arms (large spots) it is very red and itchy and I am just praying it is not shingles.

I haven't been able to sleep much because of the backache and itching. I am now feeling very exhausted, lightheaded and just unwell.

The breathlessness and coughing are back even without much exertion. Because my lungs are damaged by the lupus when I get breathless I start to cough, this is helping the oxygen to flow through my blood more efficiently.

Went to my doctor on Friday because of the spots/rash and he said I have Folliculitis. I have been given antibiotic but it is causing me to throw up.

Today is Sunday and every part of me ache, I feel I have been in a boxing ring. I have no energy and am exhausted but God is on my side, so there is no need to fear or worry.

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