Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trip to Ireland

Went to bed early this am (02:00) because I had tea with caffeine instead of my usual Red Bush caffeine free tea. I was up and awake just after 06:30.

I am now sitting on a ferry, crossing from the UK to Southern Ireland (it is Saturday the 30th June). For the first time being on a boat or ship I am feeling nauseous and I am having the same feeling as if I am in an aeroplane. Just praying I will not need to go to the bathroom in a hurry as I cannot rush to get there.

We arrived safely in the County of Kilkenny at our hotel overlooking the river just before 8pm. I feel so tired and could not wait to vomit, this is the only way the belching and hiccuping will stop (I have been experiencing this for a few hours now).

Sunday and Monday we did a little sight seeing and window shopping and then slept the rest of the afternoon. I felt very fatigued and my body especially my legs ached a lot.

The vomiting is continuing and is very distressing

Tuesday we arrived in County Cork at our hotel in the middle of the city centre. I am still very tired and fatigued. And vomiting after my meals.

Wednesday we went sight seeing to a pretty village with quaint little side streets. Even though it as a very small port just walking round the little streets was far too much for me. I stayed in a cafe whilst Bob went to explore.

Thursday we went shopping in Cork and back to the hotel for a rest.

Friday we went on a coach trip to the West of Cork. It was very beautiful but we had to be up early for that and of course I did not sleep most of the night. I am feeling so tired and my legs are aching so much. We went on a ferry to a little Island to look at some wonderful gardens but it was very difficult and painful for me to walk around.

Saturday I am awake early with awful chest pain. After breakfast we left County cork for Rosslare to catch the ferry back to the UK early Sunday morning.

I have been home now since Sunday night but the holiday (vacation)has left me feeling very exhausted, I am fatigued with dizziness and now headache and mouth ulcers.

Thank you Lord for your love, faithfulness, and mercy, without you I would not be able to breathe. I am so grateful for your love and peace during this storm in my life.

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  1. Hi Maureen,
    The Lord kept reminding me to pray for you over the last little while. I am glad you had a good time in Ireland and I say you are very brave to be travelling.

    Continuing to pray for you.