Wednesday, October 10, 2012


After waiting for over an hour after my appointment time I was finally called into the day unit for the chemotherapy treatment.

Of course several checks had to be made with the doctors. The nurses checked my address and date of birth several times before the chemo could be administered.

Whilst receiving the chemo I went very light headed especially when I held my head down. The flow of the chemo had to be slowed and I was offered a hot drink, which then left me feeling quite nauseous (even though I was given an anti emetic drug).

I then started to feel as if I was in a swimming pool and the water had gone up my nose (I started to have burning in my nostrils).

Still felt very light headed and weak after the infusion.

It is now after midnight and I am vomiting, just hoping it isn't going to carry on for long. (I was given an anti emetic tablet to take at 8 pm along with another tablet to stop the chemo damaging my bladder but I am not sure if it did not come back up as everything I try to swallow stays in my oesophagus for hours before going down into my stomach.

I had a very disturbing night could did not sleep well as I felt awful. I awoke early and was out of bed by 06:15 to have a drink as I have to drink a lot. Decided to read the bible and pray and just to give thanks for my life and everything around me. Thank you Lord

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