Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hospital Visit

I waited three hours yesterday to have the chemotherapy but was told I could not have it as the doctor had written for me to have it over 4-5 hours.
Because the nurses did not have me in on time they could not give me the chemo as the department closes at 7pm and it was now about 5pm.

The nursing sister did speak to a doctor as she thought I could have it for two hours instead but unfortunately my blood pressure was raised so they could not risk me having too much fluid that could flood my heart.

I have been feeling so ill and my breathing is just getting worst each day. I am in away glad I did not have the chemo. Today I feel so exhausted, tired with Backache but I have to be thankful I am still alive.

Thank you Lord for carrying me as you know right now I cannot carry myself.

I went to the hospital yesterday for the chemotherapy infusion only to be sent home after waiting three hours

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