Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hospitalisation again

Thursday morning the day after having chemotherapy I went to make a cup of tea and suddenly I felt a crushing pain in my chest along with feeling faint and breathlessness.

I could not speak for about ten minutes because of the breathlessness. I rang the hospital (as soon as i could talk) to speak to the chemo nurse and was put through to a doctor who suggested I ring for an ambulance to take me to the Accident and Emergency department of my local hospital as I could be having a heart attack.

I was examined by the paramedics before being transported to the hospital where I was examined again this time by a doctor. I had another ECG and a chest X-ray. I was then told I need to go to the Emergency Assessment Unit to have a blood test at 9 pm which will be 24 hours after the first onset of the pain. This means I would have to stay in hospital until the next day.

On the unit I was examined by another doctor and again by his consultant who told me I had pleurisy. I was now given intravenous antibiotics.

Just after 9 pm I had the blood test and I later tried to settle in a very busy and noisy ward. At midnight one of the nurse came to tell me I would be going to the Cardiology ward, so I was moved at 12:30 am.

Before the doctors came to see me on this new ward I went to the nurses station to use the telephone which was only a few feet away and I had to be wheeled back to my bed as I became very breathless and light headed (this was now being recorded). Later when I saw the doctors they informed me I did not have a heart attack but I need more help regarding my lungs so the chest consultant will need to see me.

The senior registrar for the consultant came to see me to discuss me having oxygen to carry with me so I can have a better quality of life. She also suggest I have another blood test to check I haven't got a blood clot in my lungs. If blood test result is clear then I could go home if not I would have to have a CT scan.

Praise God the blood test was okay and I was given oral antibiotics to take home.

I am now at home feeling very tired and weak in my body. I am also awaiting an appointment for a exercise test regarding the oxygen.

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  1. I am so glad to hear you didn't have a heart attack!!

    Praying for you Maureen!! Keep looking up and keep on fighting this beast.