Thursday, February 16, 2012

Abdominal pains

Went to bed late last night (Wednesday ) because I kept vomiting. It all started with hiccups and belching as the food I had eaten during the day was once again stuck in my oesophagus.
Woke up this morning in a lot of pain but once I got out of bed the pain eased. Went to visit a friend in the afternoon had a really good time.
Went to bed late on Thursday night because I was once again vomiting.
Got up early on Friday morning for the gardener and an appointment my son had.
I went to visit one of my elderly neighbour in the afternoon (she is 83 years old), we both had this dreadful cold so it was the first time since just before Christmas I have been able to visit her.
After going to bed at 01:00 I was wide awake very early at 05:00 in a lot of abdominal pain, I decided to get out of bed to read and pray.
Despite the pain and frequency to the bathroom I actually went out to the indoor athletics meeting in Birmingham (at the NIA) today.
Hoping I haven't caught gastric flu from my husband, who had it during the week.

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