Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lupus Flare

Had a good day on Friday, went to visit my 95 year old friend in the afternoon.
Saturday got up late after going to bed at 02:00. Had a long soak in the bath to ease all the pain in my body especially my left knee.
Started vomiting again after having my dinner.
The lupus rash is back on my face at the sides of my nose (this is one of the signs of a flare up) which is very sore and painful.
Slept well (the central heating was left on all night) woke up very early this morning because my eyes were so dry they felt very sore and painful (I did lubricate them in the night but not as often as I should).
I have had a good day despite the weather being so cold (it snowed yesterday and it is still on the ground)
Just praying my dinner is going to stay down.

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