Monday, February 13, 2012

Blood Blister

Today Monday the weather changed from being very cold to warm.
A friend came to visit me and it was good to have company for a few hours.
Another blood blister is back this time in my left cheek.
Because I am not feeling drugged I have more energy and moved from the bathroom to the bedroom quickly which caused me to be short of breath and coughing to get the oxygen back into my blood. This has not happened for a few days turning into weeks now.
Had a great day and dinner for valentine (the dinner did not stay down).
I was up until 03:00 before going to bed.
Today I went to visit and have lunch with a friend.
I have now had my dinner and I am belching and feeling uncomfortable because my dinner is stuck once again in my oesophagus.
The blood blisters have left my cheeks feeling very sore especially when I have hot drinks.
Tomorrow is another day so I can't wait to see what it will bring.

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