Friday, February 10, 2012


I decided to go to bed early last night because I was feeling very tired. Went to bed and started to read, which then kept me awake.
It was very cold outside which made my bedroom cold even with the central heating on.
My bones started to ache especially my back (which also felt as if I have ice placed on my back).
I had to get out of bed to have a hot drink and end up staying up until 03:00.
I woke up early this morning at 06:00 but did not get out of bed until after 09:00.
My bones and back are still aching and I am just starting to get warm now that I am out of bed and moving about.
My right cheek is still sore because of the blood blisters that developed last weekend.
Praying this weekend will be a good one (it is going to be very cold so I am staying indoors again).

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