Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chest pains

The week started with lots of aches and pains in my body especially my lower back.
I have started to go back to the toning suite at a leisure centre but it is a challenge to walk pass the swimming pool as the smell or fumes caused by the chlorine is affecting my breathing.
I woke up (thursday) with awful chest pains at about 04:00. Stayed in bed until the pain eased enough for me to get up and have a hot drink.
Went back to bed at 06:00, as the pain was easing and I felt very tired and sleepy but I just could not sleep so I read and prayed before getting up again for the day.
Had a pastoral visit from my church pastor and assistant today, which was very uplifting.
Before going to bed last night I took a lot of Antacid medication as the chest pain was back (I wasn't sure if it was trapped wind) I got.
I slept very well as I was so tired, I woke up very early this am (Friday) coughing, Bob was just leaving for work so he made me a cup of tea, which helped to ease the coughing.
I did not go and could not go back to sleep as my legs were aching so much again.
Went to a luncheon club today it was very good and refreshing. The speaker gave a word that the lord gave him and it was for me (Song of Solomon 2:11) The winter is past and; the rain is over and gone. This means for me that the things in the past has gone, everything I have and been going through will be no more (New beginning).
I had a very busy day, I went to the toning suite and then to visit a friend which has left me feeling very tired now and I am hiccuping again.

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