Saturday, March 17, 2012

Joint and muscle pains

Went to bed very late on Friday night. Slept until about 06:30 when I woke up with awful pain in my abdomen, lower back and legs.
Got out of bed about 10:00 after reading and praying.
Had a long soak in the bath to ease the aches and pains. It is now afternoon and my back is still aching a lot.
Had my dinner and I have started to hiccup and belch.
It is now bedtime and I am vomiting and coughing again which has now left me very breathless.
Sunday am, I have been awake very early as all the pain of the previous day is back with a vengeance but I am not going to let it stop me from going to church.
It is Mothering Sunday here in the UK and I received some beautiful bouquets of flowers (which has left me feeling very special) from my children far and near. I also had a plant and lovely cup cakes at church.
Thank you God for helping me to see and enjoy another year with my family.
Had a good day at home just relaxing and now I have just had a wonderful meal (praying it will stay down).

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