Monday, March 26, 2012

Hospital Consultant's Review

It has been another beautiful warm and sunny week. I have to thank God for His beautiful creation and my life.
Each day I have felt very good and I am managing to walk a few more yards (or even meters) without getting breathless.
I still find the fumes from the chlorine in the swimming pool I walk past at the leisure centre is still making me breathless (each time there is a big party of school children I think they add more chlorine).
Saw my Rheumatologist today (Friday), he was very pleased with my progress, there is no change in the lung function test and CT scan of my lungs compared to the last one and the heart scan is okay. He has decided to reduce the dose of the steroid again (I am so happy) I will be having a normal looking face soon instead of a moon shaped face.
Unfortunately I am vomiting a lot again so I will have to see the Gastroenterologist I saw over a year ago. I am praying he won't be suggesting surgery.
The mouth ulcers and blood blisters are back so I will have to see my GP as I forgot to tell my Rheumatologist today.
Felt so good and uplifted after coming back from the hospital that I actually went and did some gardening for about an hour.
Today Sunday I went to church and after having some lunch I actually cleaned the kitchen cupboards and I felt very ashamed to find lots of tins, jars and bottles that were out of date that had to be thrown away.
I am now aching all over and I feel so shattered and fatigued. I really have to remember to pace myself in the future.
I am thanking God for His mercies as they are new everyday and great Is His faithfulness, surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life.

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