Sunday, March 25, 2012

Loss of memory

Friday night I vomited nearly all night and in between I remember that I hadn't changed the tax disc on my car at the end of February (I am praying that the vasculitis is not affecting my memory).
I spent most of the night searching for the new disc, so at 07:00 I was up to check the disc on my car as I really couldn't believe I have been driving around for three weeks illegally.
I actually found the disc at about 08:00 in a box with all my bills (thank you Lord for helping me in time of need and distress).
Saturday was another bright and sunny spring day. Went out to lunch again with Bob (of course the lunch went down to my oesophagus instead of my stomach until night time when it decided to come up again). Went to bed fell asleep knowing I was going to have to vomit at some time. Woke up coughing as I had started to vomit in my sleep, stayed up until 02:00.
Sunday another warm and sunny day, went to church came home and had a nice relaxing day watching carrying on films.

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