Thursday, March 15, 2012

Toning suite

Went to the toning suite this week, I feel so much better for going out and exercising and meeting people.
I was very breathless when I got up off the table at the toning suite today (Wednesday), as I got ready for bed the breathlessness and coughing returned.
Once I was able to breathe properly again i manage to fall asleep until about 02:00 when I woke up with heartburn and backache. I got up to take antacid medication and have a hot drink.
Stayed up until 05:30 reading and praying before going back to bed. Slept until 08:50 when my alarm went off (the sound of a ship's siren). I had to be up because I was having visitors arriving very early.
Had a good day with my prayer partner.
Today I went to the toning suite and I was not breathless and passing the swimming pool was not a problem (thank you Jesus).
Looking forward to having a great weekend.

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