Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another good night's sleep

Fell asleep reading and woke up coughing after only been asleep for a few minutes. I had to put the lights on again to read as I was now wide awake, I fell asleep once again reading my book.
I slept well until this morning, when I awoke with pain all over my body.
Had a great soak in the bath to relieve the pain in my body (I am feeling relaxed now) but the pain hasn't gone.
I went out (how glorious) to the pharmacy to collect my monthly medication the girl working there though I had come to collect the medication for my mother, she saw my age on the prescription and couldn't believe it was really me as she though I was in my thirties.
With this lupus I have good and bad days and today have not been too bad so far, I have learnt to ignore the pain, the tinnitus and even the lethargy. Infections takes so much longer to go away so I just have to be patient and wait for this cold to go.

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