Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Breathlessness again

I did not have any sleep on Sunday night, I kept on trying but just could not find any sleep. Went to bed at 0600, read, prayed and eventually fell asleep.
Got up just before lunch time and got some very good news.
I am still coughing and blowing my noise and my head is still aching a lot.
Had a better night's sleep last night, woke up at about 0500 coughing I had to get out of bed to get a drink so I stayed up until Bob got up before I went back to bed.
Today is another coughing and blowing of noise day. I am actually dressed today but feeling very weak and cold even with the heating on.
Last week I wasn't getting breathless but this week as soon as I lie down in bed I am breathless again, this is concerning me as each time I have tried to decrease the steroid (with the doctor's advice) the breathlessness returns. I am praying I will be able to stay on this latest dose as I have reduce my calorie intake and hopefully I won't feel so hungry with this lower dose of steroid.
My head is aching so much especially when I cough, blow my nose or sneeze, I am just praying it is not my blood pressure as it was very high when I went to to see my GP last week. Oh well! Must keep calm and keep resting.

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