Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weight loss

Had a bad night, I was so very tired yesterday so I went to bed early and started to read (this made me wide awake). I got up and stayed up until 03:00 before going back to bed.
I have been on a reduced calorie diet for a week (I had put on a lot of weight because of the amount of steroid I had been taking including the infusions I had while I was having the Chemotherapy), today I weigh myself and I have loss five pounds (hooray!).
I'm just hoping and praying that the CT scan I had yesterday will not show any deterioration of my lungs so my consultant can continue to decrease the dosage of the steroid I am taking.
Went and had my blood pressure checked by the nurse at my GP's surgery today (it was very high a fortnight ago when my GP checked it). Good news it is back to normal (thank you Lord), I am just waiting for everything to go back to normal (whatever normal is!).
I am now going to the toilet every time I have a drink or something to eat, so I am now going to drink just water for the rest of the day (praying it is not gastric flu or food poison).

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