Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ring and Ride

Had a very good night's sleep last night. Got up early to go to the hair dressing salon to get my hair treated after having the chemotherapy (the treatment has now stopped).
I am registered with the local Ring and Ride transport service (this is a small bus service provided for the disabled to use for a small fee). Today I use this service for the first time to take me into the city centre for my appointment at the hair dressing salon, and to bring me home again. On the way home the driver took a detour to collect another passenger before dropping me off.
Today I had toast (no margarine or butter on toast) for breakfast, soup for lunch and very small dinner and plenty of hot water to drink throughout the day and now I have griping pain in my stomach again as yesterday when I kept running to the bathroom.
Just hoping I haven't caught a bug from the hospital when I went there for the scan.

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