Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday and Monday

Did not have much sleep on Saturday night, coughing and choking and just wide awake.
Felt a little better on Sunday. I did not do much as I realise that every time I feel stronger and better in my self I start to do too much which then start the old process all over again (of feeling unwell). I will have to learn to relax and delegate.
Slept very well last night (Sunday) had a few worrying times in the night because my eyes went too dry again and I woke up with phlegm in my mouth which could have choked me.
Today is Monday a new day and I am looking forward to something new happening (don't know what).
I am feeling a lot stronger today but still coughing and breathless.
Went outside to move my car this afternoon (I had a yearly service on my car, the dealership fetched it and brought it back but parked the car across the drive so no one else could park). It was very cold and I began to get very breathless again as soon as the cold air hit my chest or it could just be me breathing in the cold air.
The weather forecast is very cold for the week so I am going to have to stay indoors for the rest of the week.

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