Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday and Sunday

Woke up this am Saturday at about 0700 coughing (Bob made me a cup of tea) a hot drink usually stop the coughing.
Read and prayed then went back to sleep until about 11:00 I then got up and got dressed for the day.
I thought this would help me feel better but it did not, I still have the flu so I have decided not to fight it.
I am hot and cold and now it is night my nasal passage is all blocked again.
Fell asleep just after 2am.
It is now Sunday, woke up after 10:00 but did not get out of bed until about midday (I was reading and praying) I then had my breakfast.
My throat is still sore and I have a head ache.
I have decided to start playing games again on my iPad as this helps me not to focus on food (I need to lose the weight I have put on from having the steroid infusion).
Hopefully this will help me to be able to breathe properly again and I can then go and do some gentle exercise (the toning tables) once again.
Still feeling very weak with all the flu symptoms, just praying they will go away soon.

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