Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blood test

Woke up at 1 am coughing, this woke Bob up, so he decided to go and make me a hot drink (I decided to get out of bed as the coughing was getting worse and Bob needed his sleep). I stayed up for two hours before going back to bed.
It is now 6 am and I am awake again (even though I am feeling so tired). My alarm is set to go off at 7 am so I can get ready to go to the hospital for blood test (this I have to have done two weeks before the steroid infusion and prior to chemotherapy, the next day). I got to the hospital for 8 am so I can park outside the department I need, any later and I will not be able to get a disabled parking (I cannot park in the normal car park as it is too far to walk and I would end up being admitted as an in patient). A nurse tried to ask me a question but I just could not reply as I was breathless again (I only walked less than 50 yards) to the department.
Had some lunch with (James my son) and later went to visit my neighbour, who is 89 years old. I started to get very hot while I was in her house and the breathlessness started again so I had to leave (slowly of course).
You may be wondering why I am going to visit people when I am not well, the more you give the more you receive and there are always others in more need than yourself (no matter what your situation is).
I am always getting the comment "you look so well," I can't believe you are ill (my own doctor says the same to me every time I visit the surgery you look so well no one will believe how ill you are).
It is nearly eight o'clock and I haven't had any dinner because my neighbour gave me a mince pie (this is a pie made from minced fruit eg currants, sultanas etc, which is eaten at Christmas time in the UK) and it has given me awful indigestion (i am in agony with chest pain and burning in my throat). Took some antacid medication, which made me belch. Ate some fruit, this only made the belching worse (this is because the fruit and drink that I had is now in my oesophagus instead of my stomach) and of course the only way is up. Now the burning in my throat is back.
I am feeling so hungry now as I have only had lunch, that one mince pie and then the fruit which is now down the pan. I am going to try a small trifle, it has fresh cream which I am hoping will soothe the burning in my throat as it is now 11pm and time for bed. Oh dear! that didn't work! I am off to bed.

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