Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chest pain

Woke up about 5am with awful chest pain as if I am having a heart attack (I am used to this so I don't get the paramedics, I once spent nearly three weeks in hospital because of this type of pain, so now I know it is all to do with the lupus I just have a hot drink when the pain subsides).
My taste buds have been compromised by the chemo so now everything include drinks taste different. I have been advised by the chemo nurse to eat pineapple. I had some tinned ones last week and I have some fresh ones now but can't be bothered to prepare it for eating.
I am having problems with breathlessness again today, so I will definitely be
asking the consultant if I can go on the lung transplant list.
There is also the problem with the vasculitis of my brain, so I am not sure about the transplant (oh well! More prayers for healing will be sent up to Him above).
Oh! went to the pharmacy to get my monthly prescription and I had to take one of my son with me as I am feeling very unsteady and I am still weak.
I don't think I had enough to drink today, am going to try and have a drink now as I have to keep my kidneys flushed at all times. I also have not had enough to eat (I am now feeling thirsty and hungry and it is past 9pm) and I would rather not bother to have anything now.
It is nearly 9:30 pm and I am so tired as I have been awake since 5am ( I decided that sleeping was far more beneficial than food) so I am switching off now.

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