Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I woke up at 5 am still feeling very stressed, tried to go back to sleep but could not as I kept going over the events of the weekend.
I decided to get up and get dress to clear my head, then have my breakfast.
I was just getting ready to watch day time television when my iPad started ringing, it was a relative in Jamaica trying to reach me on Skype.
This took me to about 11:30 am I had a drink and got ready to go for an early Christmas present from a friend, "a manicure" It was good to sit relax and be pampered.
After my manicure I decided to visit my 95 year old friend (another pampering visit) she likes to mother, me I get fussed and looked after for a few hours.
I did all of this despite been very breathless. This breathlessness is just getting out of control.
You are wondering how am I really feeling today, well! I still don't feel well (i felt quite dizzy all day, my head hurts and my body is tingling all over) every thing I eat or drink taste awful.
I am now so very tired.
Tried to get ready for bed at 10 pm got very breathless and started to cough and vomit at the same time (how distressing is that?). Managed to get to bed some time after.

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