Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Had a bad night again got up about 2 am stayed up until 6 am. Felt very hot in bed, slept for about two hours then I was awake.
Read and prayed before getting out of bed to have my breakfast (very small portion of cereal). I am still feeling full and cannot bend forward as my breakfast hasn't gone into my stomach.
Decided to go with Bob to return a gift I bought for him before Christmas. We got a disabled space to park outside the store which was very useful.
Got home had some lunch and started to watch television but I now cannot hear properly as I have very bad tinnitus (ringing in my ears).
Oh! I must tell you "my head is still feeling clear"
Feeling very tired again (this tiredness is also part of the lupus), I have been falling asleep whilst trying to watch TV.
Just had my dinner no taste to the food and now I am so uncomfortable as the food is in my oesophagus, I keep belching and I feel my dinner is going to come up any minute.
I am in bed watching TV it is just after 8 pm and I am waiting to go to the bathroom again as there is more of my dinner left to come up before I can go to sleep.
The ringing is still going on in my ears which is so distracting, oh well! Once I am asleep I won't be able to hear it any more.

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