Saturday, December 31, 2011

New year 2012

What a year 2011 has been. It started off with a chest infection which left me feeling very weak and breathless. I had to give up going to the toning tables (this was the only non strenuous exercise I could do) because I was so ill.
I also had several tests done, lung function, endoscopy, CT and MRI scans, barium follow through and monthly blood tests. I was given several medications (of which none worked) to help with the lupus, vasculitis and my lungs which are damaged by the lupus.
The start of this year found me vomiting (I hadn't even been on the bottle).
Went to bed after 1 am and awake since 7 am. I am in so much pain (this is all part of the lupus) so I am better off getting out of the bed as the pain goes when I am moving about.
I will be having some friends coming for a meal today (hopefully my adrenaline will kick in again), and all will go well.
The meal went well (there were thirteen of us). They have all left now and I have just brought my dinner up (so annoying).
The day is not over yet but I want to remain positive at all times.

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