Friday, December 16, 2011

How am I feeling today?

Went to bed early last night, I felt so tired but I kept coughing so I got up at 4am (as I did not want to wake up Bob) to make a hot drink. I went back to bed at 6am and after reading my bible and praying fell asleep until about 10:30am. Woke up expecting to see snow ( we were suppose to get snow), It hasn't arrived yet, so I decided to go to the shop as I have been in all week and it might be a while before I can go out if the snow does come.
I only was out for about half an hour, got back and I started to feel very light headed worse if I hold my head down (as if I was about to faint), this is how I usually feel each time I travel via aeroplane. I now have a head ache (not sure if my blood pressure is too low or high).
Moving about and even sitting still is causing me to be very breathless because of the change in the weather, even though it is very warm indoors.
A friend, her mother and son came to visit me today, they were very compassionate and thoughtful (I wanted to cry) at their kindness, they saw I was not able to breathe properly so they took charge to make drinks and sandwiches, then they did the washing up ( even though I have a dish washing machine).
My day is nearly over I am not feeling any better and I am also wide awake when I should be asleep now.
Oh! Another friend will be visiting tomorrow (Saturday), I am so happy.
No! Not again! the dreaded mouth ulcers are back (i shall have to remind them that they are not my friend) more discomfort before bed. Oh well off to bed I go.

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