Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Once I fell asleep I slept all night. Woke up early had fruit for breakfast and my medication (which has to be taken with food).
I actually went to the sales (one shop with Bob) and bought cards and wrapping papers.
Came home made some soup, had some for lunch (and you guess correctly it is stuck) so now i am belching until the inevitable (vomiting).
Went to visit my 95 year old friend for a couple of hours. I felt so uncomfortable, feeling so full and belching also as soon as I sat down I wanted to sleep.
I can feel more mouth ulcers coming, so I will have to apply tooth paste ASAP.
I am feeling so sleepy and it is only after 8 pm. I can't go to bed yet as the food is still stuck in my oesophagus and it need to come out, when that happens I will go to bed.

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