Sunday, December 25, 2011


Went or bed at 3 am after vomiting all night. Got up at 5:30 am, went back to bed at 7am, slept until just after 9 am.
Got up feeling so very tired but it is Christmas day so there are presents to open.
After opening some presents with my family we went to church and then home again to open more presents (still feeling very tired).
We then went to friends for the rest of the day, had a wonderful time and meal, I tried not to eat too much (felt so tired and my dinner is once again in my oesophagus instead of my stomach), there are no bathroom down stairs so I can only go up the stairs once for the day.
I did manage to go to the bathroom once which made me very breathless (and of course my dinner was up again, and when I got home).
I had such a rush of adrenaline today that I did not ache and my head felt almost clear.
It is past midnight and I am still very tired but cannot go to bed yet as I am so uncomfortable (there is still food in my oesophagus).

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