Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dry eyes

Slept very well last night, so well I woke up with what felt like grit in my eyes (I have very dry eyes another symptom of the lupus). I have to instil artificial tears on a regular basis into my eyes and at nights I also have to use a greasy one, which I do automatically during the night.
Because I slept through to this morning I could hardly open my eyes, they were so dry. I am having to make sure I keep them very lubricated throughout the day.
Had breakfast and lunch it stayed down and I felt comfortable but dinner (small portion) is now stuck again so it is back to belching and whoops! It is now up.
Oh! I am feeling so very tired again, cannot go to bed yet as there is more to come up (I am sick of this), lol.
It is midnight I am still vomiting and now I am breathless and it us making me cough as usual.

1 comment:

  1. I pray for you each day Maureen. I especially pray that your situation will improve and that you will have good days so you will be able to cope with the challenges you face.