Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing day

Went to bed just after 2 am, could not stop vomiting (no I was not drinking excessively or even over eating) I would so love it, if that was the problem. Stayed in bed until this morning.
Got up about 9 am to help prepare the dinner as we were having our Christmas meal today and my mother was coming to spend the day with us.
Had a lovely meal but it had no taste as usually (I have been trying to eat pineapple as this should help with my taste buds). I only ate a small amount but it still decided to stay in my oesophagus, so now I am in the bathroom where my dinner has decided it is better up and out than in my stomach.
Because my mother was here I rang and spoke to relatives abroad so she could also speak to these relatives (some were mourning the loss of a mother, daughter, niece and cousin) this helped me to put my life in perspective, as there is always someone worse off than you and there is always someone who need to hear a kind word of comfort or encouragement.
The good thing about today is the chemotherapy is wearing off so my head feel so clear only some one forget to tell the rest of my body.
I have not been very breathless today (thank you Jesus), I had a stress free day, I decided to not let anything bother me, big or small. Had a nice surprise, my brother rang me from the US tonight to wish me Merry Christmas.
Oh! had a piece of fruit cake and it also decided to come back up almost immediately, so now I am in bed (where I can't be tempted to try and eat).
I have been falling asleep all day on the sofa and now I am in bed I am wide awake. Lights went off at about 11 pm fell asleep, woke up at 11:30 started to vomit in my sleep (hoping this won't be a long night). Because I had to jump out of bed quickly I am now breathless and coughing again.

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